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Open Everyday from 7:00AM to 2PM.

4201 Canal Street Ste A
New Orleans, LA  70119

Delicious coffee

Church Alley is a fine coffee bar dedicated to excellence and simplicity in coffee, food, and community. Church Alley serves up freshly roasted, freshly brewed coffee from some of the most talented coffee roasters in the nation. We specialize in hand brewing, espresso, and cold brew.


Church Alley offers a small food menu rooted in simple healthy dishes with as many local ingredients as possible. We are an engaged and compassionate community partner that nourishes through the joy of coffee and healthy meals in comfortable spaces where people feel able to communicate, dream and spend time with others in a stress-free environment.

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Church Alley serves delicious coffee and tea and healthy meals in a comfortable space.  We specialize in hand brewing, espresso, and cold brew. We are a mission driven company. We believe business, no matter the size, should make the community it supports better.

Church Alley aims to empower a more peaceful, resilient and connected Gulf Coast through compassionate and forward-thinking hospitality products and services. We believe in our capacity to improve the health and wellbeing of our customers, staff, and environment.

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Reneé Blanchard's mission is to nourish, empower and serve in whatever capacity she finds herself. Working for the Waterkeeper Alliance during the BP Oil Disaster brought her back home to Louisiana during a particularly difficult time for all those that depend on the Gulf for their livelihoods. Traveling through the bayous and swamps of the Gulf Coast with fishing families and environmentalists was a reminder of her origins and her cajun ancestors. She decided to stay and make New Orleans her home.

Learn more about Church Alley founder Reneé and all of her work over on our blog.

What our customers are saying

“I love that you’re a coffee shop, but you’re SO MUCH MORE. Keep it up.”


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“My favorite place for good teas and much more!”


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“Yay I was literally just about to ask around where I can get local honey and my favorite coffee shop right down the street (that’s y’all) now carry it! Thanks folx!”


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“Church Alley still has the best avocado toast in my book!”


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